El Encanto Stores of Cuba was not just a commercial success. It was also the establishment of a unique relation between labor and management and it was the creation of a style of doing business that crafted a new concept of prestige, reliability, and seriousness. It united the best yearnings of social, national, and cultural advances, making it possible to be a public service institution, worthy of the admiration, respect and gratitude of the nation.

The Association of Former Employees of “El Encanto” Stores of Cuba presents a 30 minute documentary on the history of the “El Encanto” department stores of Cuba, from their first store in Havana in 1888 until that building was destroyed on April 13, 1961, and the others six branches and eleven franchises were taken away from their rightful owners by the government without compensation. The store was visited by Hollywood actors and international celebrities, and had exclusive French perfumes, Italian ties and Christian Dior designs.

A 68-page album is available with more than five dozen photos taken in 1949 when the store was remodeled with the innovative counters, the bottom half of wood, and the upper half in glass. Details of how the stores grew to be considered the center of fashion in the Western Hemisphere. With their clothing factories, modern merchandising controls, perfumes in the air conditioner, refrigerated counters for chocolates, etc.

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If you are a former employee of the stores, branches, franchises, warehouse, factories, etc. or a relative, please contact us. Former clients, too! We have more than 300 former employees who would like to know about how you are doing and where you’re living.